International Be Yourself Day

By | July 10, 2007

I’m not the most conventional person. Indeed we’re not the most conventional couple. If you’re a regular you’ll know that. However when not writing a blog about sex I do manage (most of the time) to maintain a thin veneer of normality. It is something of a prerequisite if I’m to hold down a job and function in daily life amongst the rest of humanity.

Funny how we make allowances for real life isn’t it. It’s so tempting to just ignore convention and politeness and speak your mind sometimes. Tempting, but not very common.

It’s like a children’s TV presenter swearing or, naming no names here, taking drugs. It’s not just out of character it seems so wrong as to jar against your instinctive sensibilities. Take today’s Big Brother’s Little Brother (yes another BB reference, sorry). It was presented by two comedians whose most famous gig was a show on BBC childrens channel CeeBeebies “Big Cook Little Cook”. As you can imagine, on that show there was no innuendo, smut or swearing. So to hear them using the F word, talking about sex and doing nob gags is both incongruous and and funny.

Strangely I had another similar experience at work today. One manager who I have worked with for about eight months swore during a conversation with me. Not to me, or about me, but he swore and it seemed odd. Odd because I’d never heard him swear before, had always avoided profanity and is rarely angry or stressed.

So I’m thinking here … why can’t we have an official “Be Yourself Day”?

We all get to talk bout things that are on our minds, frankly, openly and without fear of subsequent recrimination. We can use whatever language we want, dress how we want (cast off the work suite or the dumb-looking paper hat and badge with “Hi I’m Alex, pleased to serve you” on it).

We could talk about sex, swear at customers, better yet swear at managers hehehe (no they aren’t all deserving of a gob full, just a choice few).

We could all get our problems out in the open and dispel any misapprehensions others have about us. It wouldn’t all be negative, surely, perhaps you’d get compliments from people who you’d least expect to be complimentary.

Yeah, like we’re all going to take kindly to our faults pointed out by everyone around us and the next day forget all about it and not want to drop an Acme brand anvil on your detractor’s heads as they walk out their front door the next morning. In all seriousness I know it would lead to riots.

Hmmm, I started off thinking that it would be nice to talk about some issues openly, now I’m realising that I wouldn’t want to listen to some people’s fantasies.

Perhaps we should just all realise that each of us has a different face for different situations and a different image to project that we feel is appropriate to those we find ourselves amongst at the time.

So much for that bright idea.

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