Quick Fucks And Packet Switched Passion

By | November 5, 2009

Bikni TweetI find myself Twittering quite a lot at the moment. That is a bit of a revelation because it’s crept up on me without me realising how much I was doing it.

I started on MySpace and got a bit fed up of the weird interface that seems to have been bolted together out of random bits of code. Then started on Facebook which is far superior and much more capable – although the last tranche of changes seem to have done peculiar things to the site.

Now I’m Tweeting.

OMG! I think my attention span shrunk in the wash.

I wrote some time ago that it would be great if you could somehow blog while you are actually in the act of making love. Well with Twitter on your mobile phone you could actually do that. Not too many characters to type and the occasional misspelling wouldn’t be noticed too much.

Need to write a Blackberry app … Shag-Tweet?