Do People Still Have Sex Like This?

By | November 6, 2009

Toilet HumourI just found this article and it made my jaw drop.

In essence it describes the woes of a couple who have just discovered that she is allergic to his sperm. They found out on their wedding night, not having encountered the problem before as they always “used protection”. Oh! I though, for a moment there I thought they’d saved themselves for the wedding …

… then it hit me. They had only ever had vaginal intercourse. No hand jobs? No blowjobs?

Has he never drunk from her fury cup either? While I have every sympathy for this couple they are, by implication at least a little unadventurous in the bedroom. Who hasn’t enjoyed a little mutual masturbation with their partner, or oral sex when penetrative sex was out of the question for some reason.

Well, each to their own I suppose.