That Dirty Bitch Poppy Morgan

By | November 8, 2009

Poppy MorganI know my train of thought can sometimes get me in to trouble. My latest jump from reality to smut was when thinking about tomorrow and it being Remembrance Sunday. The thought of the symbolic red poppies we have all been wearing these past weeks got me thinking about Poppy Morgan.

I’m an admirer of her work and particularly her commitment to making a girl happy. She is without one of the few ladies in porn who looks like she knows how to please a girl and actually enjoy doing it.

If you get chance to watch any of her films I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Not for her the flicky tongue for the camera but the sucking and licking of labia, she really goes at it with gusto. And just like me she has a very dirty mind. She contacted me some weeks ago re the largest butt plug I could find.

Having found one for her she didn’t come back to me as to why.

So Poppy you filthy bitch what have you got planned?