Is That A Sausage In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

By | November 9, 2009

AlexI just read a story which tickled me. A 38 year old man was arrested in Cains, Australia when he was spotted stuffing sausages in his shorts in a supermarket. Silly girly laughter ensues every time I read that line. 🙂

Two things come to mind. One, was he trying to improve his groin appeal? And the second, why would anyone choose to pilfer the cheapest form of meat you can get your hands on. I could have understood it if he has stolen fillet steak but sausages!

The report pointed out that this guy had been unlucky because the staff are far from vigilant. In July trolley load of goods were pushed out of the super market door on two consecutive days without anyone stopping them.

He apparently had stuffed his short with sausages and his pockets with other items. I wonder what they were.

Again I was tickled by this part of the report “He was arrested after his trousers were searched and the sausages were confiscated. Managers at the supermarket were keen to communicate to the public that the items had not been returned for sale.”

And how glad are we they weren’t. lol