The Death Of Reality TV

By | July 13, 2007

We’re in mourning. Tonight reality TV died. Big Brother UK sank to the lowest depths we’ve ever witnessed and performed a “fake eviction”. They have now re-inserted the most obnoxious housemate ever, after the rest of the inmates (yes I chose that word carefully) thought they’d got rid of the fake, narcissistic, self-serving, hideously twisted Charlie.

The show has finally transformed from reality TV to soap opera, except in this soap the production company gets to sack all the actors at the end of the series without resorting to an Eldorado style bus crash to terminate their contracts.

The manipulation of the format has tied the original idea into such a complex knot that Alexander would be the only one to be able to unravel it. IMHO The rules change each week to suit what the production team see as the best way to keep viewers and that has just turned what was an entertaining programme four series ago into a freak show.

Where next for this chameleon like format?

Perhaps next year we scrap the UK BB house and just take the feed from one of the other houses running across the world? Could it be any worse?

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