Shock Horror – Simon Cowell Knows What He’s Doing

By | November 10, 2009

Clockwork OrangeI am chuckling to myself reading the newspaper copy in the UK today.

We don’t watch the X Factor but the name “Jedward” has insinuated itself into our consciousness through it’s appearances in the media recently. The Irish singing duo have we understand won the X-Factor show and despite Cowell’s earlier criticism of the pair the conspiracy theorists are saying that’s what he wanted all along.

So let me get this straight, Cowell has arranged for a pair of unknowns to win a show so he can sign them up on a contract which favours him and then dump them after a year of making money out of them? I can’t believe it. I’m shocked, I’m … no I’m not.

Good luck Simon. If people are daft enough to think that the X-Factor is anything other than an annual carnival of the absurd where only an occasional contestant will ever make a career out of it then more fool them. Enjoy the X-Factor for what it is – fun and don’t attack Cowell for doing his job – I.E. providing you with that entertainment.

Cowell is no angel but he’s good at what he does.