Jane Fond-A-Fucking

By | November 13, 2009

Jane FondaFucking Till She Drops

I have just read an article in The Mail which has left me slightly incensed, I suppose the fact that the writer solicited this response from me means that her writing has impact. I’m not quite sure why she was prompted to write the entry, it almost smack of jealousy but I suppose that could just be a superficial reaction to her words.

Jane Fonda fell foul of Virgina Ironside and Denise Robertson in the paper. I have to admit after first reading Virginias opinion I couldn’t bring myself to read a double helping of the same negativity.

Basically, Virginia is objecting to Jane 71, still being sexually active. Jane has been quoted as saying her sex life is “better than ever” and claims that all the great sex has given her a sense of adventure and she would like to climb the Himalays.

You can read the full column here let me know what you think.