Christian Serratos Wild In The Forest

By | November 12, 2009

Christian SerratosI haven’t watched any of the episodes of Twilight since it started being screened here in the UK. I’m not much in to heavily romanticised vampire tales. For me a vampire should be scary and not covered in sparkly pixie dust.

My vision of the perfect vampire is just like Luke Goss’ character Nomac. You certainly wouldn’t have given him any shit. For me Luke was the very embodiment of a real vampire. Oooh, I love those Blade films.

Now we move forward and the latest vampire series to hit the screens Twilight. It has some very pretty people starring in it an that’s about it. In particular Christian Serratos who looks very fit indeed.

She also has one of my interests at heart and has become the latest figurehead for PETA. The image above is part of her campaign.

Despite the warning not to go in to the woods, you certainly would if she was there. 😉