Only Fucking The Babe With The Big Breasts

By | November 16, 2009

Kyla ColeThat’s every teenager’s dream isn’t it? The busty babe with the looks and personality as a bonus but not a prerequisite, the dirty bitch with no inhibitions whose intellect isn’t really an issue.

Sadly it would appear that there’s a website dedicate to this sort of thinking.

See this article in the telegraph.

I can see beauty in most things, which is lucky because when I look in the mirror I need to apply an awful lot of imagination to ensure I don’t get depressed, LOL. Let’s face it I was punching above my weight when I landed Suze.

But a site that only allows “Beautiful people” to join. The phrase that springs to mind is “shallow as a puddle”.

And remember guys, much as I like to look at a stunningly attractive woman, I need to know that if I get into bed with her she has to have a personality that isn’t based around giggling.

Beauty is only skin deep but ugly cuts straight to the bone.