3D Porn

By | November 17, 2009

BooooobsThis week Channel 4 are having a 3D week with programming featuring 3D TV. This is still a novelty but the TV manufacturers and production companies are now set to bring 3D TV to our homes in the next few years so what can we expect?

Well, apart from lots of movies with things flying towards the screen we should also be getting some 3D porn at some point. The question is when and do we actually want it.

It would be great for a more immersive experience if the cameras can be made small enough to allow for the often hand-held shots of porn movies. And assuming that the distribution media (DVD, Blue Ray or digital delivery) can cope with the new format and the display devices find rapid acceptance then I’m sure that there will be a place for 3D TV with porno option (LOL) within a decade.

The question is do you really want a male porn star to turn towards the camera with a huge stiffy and be worried they will poke your eye out? Not for me but how about you ladies? ;o)