Executive Stress

By | July 19, 2007

It’s that time of year again, when everyone books their summer holidays which always results in staffing problems.  No matter where I have worked in the past, you always end up covering for people who are off on their jollies.

Today was one of those days, with very little staff we all had to cover for the absent and it wasn’t easy without the ability to clone.  By mid morning I had just about reached the end of my tether trying to be all things to all men/women in the office.

And when I left for lunch my colleagues shouted after me not to forget to come back.  I must admit the thought did cross my mind.  We spent the morning explaining that we were short staffed and it would not be easy to carry the requests from various people who were all perfectly understanding, right to the point where they said “Well, when you get the chance can you…”.  Lol

I drove off to the sandwich shop with thoughts of never going back again but I had to…we need the money.  And truth be known, I don’t enjoy being out of work and talking to nothing other than the cat all day.  So on reflection it is better than not working at all.

There was still a good 20 minutes left after I finished eating my tuna salad on French and my thoughts turned to stress relief.  I checked my side and rear windows and couldn’t see anyone about.  I unzipped my trousers and unbuttoned the waistband.  It’s a little more awkward getting inside your panties with trousers on but my trousers were quite loose once I unzipped them and I wiggled them down slightly to allow ease of access to my pussy.

I wet my right middle finger and eased my fingers between my lips and began to tease my clit.  I moved it from side to side and up and down but it just wasn’t working for me.  I re-wet my fingers and rubbed a little firmer against my pink button.  No, it just didn’t seem to be happening.

I must have been so tense that I couldn’t get in to the swing of things and today I could have rubbed one out without anyone knowing as it was raining and nobody had ventured out.  Bugger, the first time I have wanted to get down and dirty with nobody around and I’m not relaxed enough.

It would have been the perfect time for some battery operated intervention but I had nothing with me in the car.  Mental note made to leave something interesting in my glove compartment to relieve executive stress or even better I need a toy which can be worn whilst sat at my desk, preferably quiet and with a remote control…hmmm!