When You Just Want To Go For The Fuck

By | November 19, 2009

CosplayTold you we met several new contacts in Berlin at Venus and we were eagerly awaiting some brand new toys to the market. Well, this morning I took delivery of a package containing a toy which I had eagerly awaited since holding it at the show.

It is a rechargeable toy and therefore had to be placed on charge as soon as I opened the package. I placed the charger and toy on the side in the office so I could be alerted as soon as it was ready.

And just like a little kid I had to keep stealing a look at it. Lol I was reminded of children when they are in the car shouting from the back ” are we there yet?”. Well, in my head I kept saying “is it ready yet?”

I sat most of the afternoon in anticipation of being able to test it and do you know what happened when it was ready? I had just eaten dinner and didn’t much feel like fucking myself silly, unlike earlier when all I wanted to do was abuse it. 😉

I’ve decided to save it for tomorrow now, just me, the bedroom and my new toy. Oh and the cat. Lol