Every Now And Then Someone Notices!

By | July 20, 2007

Regulars will be fully aware that Alex and I don’t participate in Meme’s or Quizes but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t grateful when our hard work here is rewarded.  It truly takes up a lot of time effort and creativity to constantly produce quality reading on a daily basis.  Just ask any blogger and they will back me up and that one.  Lol.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy letting you all share in a little of my life and experiences, I like to make you all feel a part of this site and hopefully I achieve that.  😉  As I said from the start, from the day we created AlexSuze, I wanted this place to be an extension of me, a place to share my thoughts and daily activities with you all.

So it’s wonderful when your readers show their appreciation for your efforts by selecting you for a blogger award.  And I’m pleased to say *blush* that I have been selected twice this week for the accolade of “Rockin’ Girl Blogger”.

I was selected by both Ms SD from Sexy Duet’s Sex Diary and Mistress Milliscent, who can dominate me any time she likes.  If you want to hear what they both said about me just click the links and pay them a visit.

Right, I’m off with my big head if I can still get through the doorway.  Lol