Eating Balls And Tasting Ass

By | November 22, 2009

Jordan Bush Tucker ChallengeI may watch Big Brother every year despite promising myself that I won’t get hooked this year. It ends up with me tuning in to see the housemates enter the house, just to check the characters who are in it that year and I end up watching it all the time.

Not so with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, it just doesn’t have the same pull. After all who wants to watch a load of egocentric C to Z listers playing up to the camera. I would much rather watch members of the general public do it. Lol

This year sees Jordan enter the jungle again, I believe her fee for taking part is a six figure sum. Given that kind of pay cheque there is no wonder so many has-beens are wanting to participate.

I’m not a fan of her and consider her behaviour in the press – to be completely irresponsible and uncensored given that she has children to consider doesn’t make me want to respect her. How Peter put up with her for so long I don’t know because I suspect that we only saw the tip of her extreme behaviour and just like an iceberg she will probably have more hidden away.

So, I was pleased to see that they have attempted to make her eat Kangaroo’s balls, which she refused to eat. I did find it strange that she rejected the balls but ate the anus. Hmmmm.