Guess Who’s Back…

By | February 21, 2006

Well, what a weekend (Oh, I forgot the fucking in that statement). My period has finished, gone. And hooray to that. Thanks to everyone for their concern for my comfort and some dirty people for their sympathy at my not being 100% fuckable.

Not that I don’t fuck when I have my period. On the contrary, you all know me by now. It takes something really bad to happen or Alex and I not to be together for me to abstain. I certainly wouldn’t be found abstaining by choice. LOL.

The only problem I find apart from the stomach cramps (I know you guys out there don’t want to hear this, so I’ll make it short) and sometimes sensitivity (both emotionally and physically) is the inability to be spontaneous.

I flourish best sexually when it is spontaneous. Lets face it nobody plans out exactly what they are going to do together. Do they? I don’t find myself thinking, Oh, I’ll bite his nipples and then work down his body kissing and licking, then take his cock in my mouth and make him hard and then sit on him “cowgirl” style, then I’ll. Ok, enough already. I think you all know what I mean.

Now the planning basically comes down to “fuck towel” © availability. Yes, we have a large bath towel especially for this occasion. Providing we can reach it when ready to start fucking, it can be placed underneath us. You may be asking why. Now if you are a little squeamish skip the rest of this paragraph. Fucking when you are on your period can create blood splattering. A little like something out of Crime Files. Or even, if you are a little arty, like a Pollock. A towel will absorb the fuck spray and can then be easily washed. Aren’t I a practical girl?

Right you squeamish bunch you can tune in again now.

The first fuck following my period is ecstasy. Every thing feels great and there is not too much lubrication (Ok, I wont elaborate). Although it usually results in me cuming rather a lot and between thrusts Alex sometimes has to wipe my cum off his cock. He has been known to slide out of me when I get too wet and skid across my ass cheek. So you have to be especially careful not to have a cock related injury as a direct result of over cuming. Can you over cum? Uhm…

The glorious moment arrived on Saturday night. I went to the toilet to change and found that my period had stopped. Quickly I jumped in to the shower to freshen up and changed in to my Valentines outfit. Which had been awaiting it’s Christening since Tuesday. Alex was in the lounge watching Men And Motors on the television.

I walked in to the lounge and he looked up with a smile. He knows me so well. As I walked across the room to him he started to undo his trousers and slide them to the floor. In just his boxers and a t-shirt he stood before me. He knew exactly what this girl wanted.

Alex pulled the snuggle blanket we share when watching television on the sofa to the floor. We both sat down on it in the middle of the room. I was now feeling very horny and in no mood to delay the event. I wanted cock, deep hard and thrusting cock.

I lay down on my side and Alex mirrored me. Reaching in to his flies I managed to home in on my prize. I released it and could feel the power starting to rise between his legs. This was no good I wanted to be able to see my quarry. Quickly I flipped myself round. Alex and I were now in the Soixante Neuf position on the floor.

He was now quirt hard and I took a firm hold of him with my hand. Gently I worked my hand up and down his ever hardening shaft. I felt a hand pull my panties to one side, it was now rubbing my clit. When I could see the opalescent pearl of pre cum on the tip of his cock I knew it was time to give him some oral attention.

Licked and flicked the nub of his erection with my tongue, at the same time retrieving that tasty drop of love juice. Alex was now working my clit with his moist finger and my pussy was swollen and pulsing with the increased blood flow. My cherry was so firm that I could feel him rolling it around making my nerve endings jangle.

Enough of the gentle stuff I needed to get his hard meat in to my mouth. I opened wide and thrust my head down on to his hardness. Just in time to stifle my loud moans (I find it impossible not to cry out loudly when making love), I now had my mouth full and as my orgasm loomed my toes began the tell tale tingling. Alex’s cock acting as a cock gag.

I pushed my tongue forward in my mouth and clamped my lips tight around his pulsing cock. It’s kind of difficult to breathe like this but I find it gives Alex the best feedback. I can run my tongue along his hard terrain as I pump him with my mouth. His ministrations were now bearing fruit and my pussy and thighs were slimy. His face and forelocks must have been glistening with my pussy juice as he bore down on me with his tongue.

His finger now took position on my swollen clit as he went for the home run. It gripped me just like an electric shock. My orgasm raised my hips off the floor and pushed my shoulders down in to the carpet. I needed to cry out to the world that I was cuming but I had his shaft deep in my mouth. I almost forgot as the need to bite something took me over (I usually have to bite down on a pillow, sometimes my arm when I cum.) This orgasm seemed to go on for an age, I seemed to keep on peaking and coming down in turn for what seemed like five minutes or more.

I was a good girl and kept his knob in my mouth. As I came down from my final orgasm I became aware of Alex groaning and thrusting deep in to my throat. His hips had a life of their own as he pushed himself repeatedly down my throat. I gagged a little with his thrusts. Alex didn’t seem to notice and picked up tempo. He was now banging my throat quite hard and it became a little difficult for me to keep up. But this rough treatment seemed to be turning me on even more than usual. I wanted him to be rough with me, to fuck my throat until it was sore. In fact at that very moment in time I wanted him to fuck me until it bled. Crazy I know but that’s how good sex gets me, it’s like a drug.

With a final groan Alex released the contents of his very full bollocks straight down my throat. It came out so hard and fast that I gagged again as it tickled my throat. I soon regained control and swallowed his ejaculate down greedily like a nourishing drink.

Alex fell back against the carpet his legs spread wide and I took up position, laying my head on his heaving chest. As I smiled to myself I felt a tightness around my mouth and chin. Oohps, I must have missed some of his cum.