Big Tease = Sexual Pleasure

By | November 24, 2009

Kokeshi DancerI just can’t help myself, I’m the first to admit that my head is in the gutter most of the time. It seems that most times I can’t even look at inanimate objects with turning them in to something sexual or at least naughty. Lol

Take today for example. Alex and I went on a Christmas shopping spree and paid a visit to W H Smiths whilst we were out. And what did I spot, this little chocolate filled thing. I say thing because I didn’t take a good look, I just got Alex to take a picture of it with his cameral because it reminds me of this vibrating massager from Big Tease.

If anyone knows what they call this chocolate delight leave me a comment, otherwise you will all have to wait until I venture out again. 🙂