Waxing Lyrical

By | July 23, 2007

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was very much interested in indulging in a little wax play having enjoyed the sensation of warm melted wax dripping on to my hand from a candle.  The warm caress of the molten wax on my skin is something I really desire to indulge in.

And over the past few weeks I have been consulting with my fellow readers here on the blog, friends on MyDungeonSpace and reading up bits here and there on the Internet.  And the general consensus seemed to be that the best type of wax for this kind of kinky play is paraffin wax because it has a low melting point.

There was conflicting advice as to whether the addition of colouring or perfume agents increased the melting point of the wax itself.  So, I wasn’t quite sure which way to go as far as colours were concerned although I did want to add them for photographic reproduction.  I wanted to take some pics to post up for you all to view.

So, at the moment the jury is out on colour.  I may be brave to try adding it once I have tried paraffin wax au natural.

I looked up the nearest craft/hobby store and made my mind up that Alex and I were going to pay a visit.  We checked on the Internet and there was a superstore a short drive away from us.  We drove to the store and I was as giddy as a kipper when I got there.  It was just like Christmas.

We had never been in this hobby store before, it was bloody huge.  We walked past little old ladies selecting coloured card and shiny things to sick on to homemade cards.  Children selecting coloured squares of felt with their mother, something to keep them quiet during the Summer break.  Women selecting silk flowers to arrange in a display.

Meantime Alex and I were walking between the isles seeking out our latest kinky purchase, it felt a little bit naughty and I was wearing a smile.  All those people innocently choosing their crafting materials and we were there with our minds focused on the illicit act of pouring warm wax all over my bare breast and watching it run down them, slowly solidifying.  I’ll have to move on, I just felt a slight tingle down there.  😉

We walked past isles with paint, knitting materials…I know wool!  Lol  bolts of cloth, artists stamps, papers and the like but no sign of any candle making paraphernalia.  Then I spotted some candle making kits and glass painting kits, surely we were getting closer to our quarry.  It couldn’t be long before we are on the components section, where you can buy in bulk to make lots of candles.

And after all we were now nearing the back of the store.  The place where all the naughty and secretive craft supplies hang out.  🙂  As we came closer to the back wall of the store…nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  A kit wasn’t going to be nearly enough wax to play with and where were the crock pots to melt it in?  Sorry, almost forgot where I was then.  This was a craft store not a sex store.

I was so excited at the prospect of purchasing a huge block of wax and driving off home with it but we couldn’t find it and frustration was beginning to set in for both of us.  Alex walked over to a passing assistant and asked him if they sold paraffin wax.

I couldn’t believe his reply, “we don’t but you may be able to buy it online from somewhere”.

Bugger, bugger, bugger…