Sex In The Shopping Mal

By | November 25, 2009

Fishnet StockingsWe went to do a bit of Christmas shopping today. Not much, just cards and stuff. Money is tight so there will not be any big prezzies this year.

Anyway, we were walking through the packed stores – no sign of a recession here – and I was struck by how circumstances can make an item of clothing seem completely inappropriate. The specific incident that caused this realisation was the site of a woman in a black skirt suit and black shoes at an ATM. Fine you’re thinking, smartly dressed … well yes and no.

She was wearing fishnets.

Don’t get me wrong here, fishnets in the evening are fine if you’re partying and even better if your partying horizontally. But during the day? I love to see a woman in fishnet stockings, it’s a predictable and clichéd turn-on that I make no apologies for. In the evening it would be a tantalising sight, a really appealing visual feast, during the day is a different matter.

During the day normal hosiery is appropriate and just as sexy as fishnets are at night. Well, they are from the way I look at it. They daytime is for holding back a little letting the sexual tension build up so that in the evening the more overtly sexual behaviour and attire can be unleashed.

I don’t think I’m being prudish about this, simply discerning. What do you people think?