Overdosing On Anal

By | November 26, 2009

Sweet As ...I thought we’d have a look around and find a few posts about anal sex from the good people out in the blog world. The simplest way to do it was to find posts about anal sex on Sex-Press.

So today, forgive us if you have an anal overdose. Forgiven? Good.

So here’s an extract from the first blog post we found:

Musing about anal sex, by Dave

“We started slowly, with her on all fours, and me behind her. Her back was parallel to the mattress … Slowly, I penetrate her. A tight fit, but I was met with a lot less resistance than I had anticipated. I could hear Rae exhale deeply. I wasn’t sure if she was getting used to me being inside her, or sighing because she had been wanting a good fucking for awhile. But I was game to find out.”

Nice huh! You can read the rest here.