Anal Sex Deep and Double – Part 1 of 2

By | November 26, 2009

Bathroom AnalIf you want to get into anal sex it’s a good idea to know what you are doing. We have done anal a few times. The circumstances have to be right, we have to be in the mood, plenty of lube … there’s a lot to think about despite what the porn movies might make out. Believe me the girls don’t just jump onto a huge cock without a bit of preparation so it’s nice to see someone taking the time to put together some sensible advice about anal sex:

Anal Sex Part 1: Myths and Facts, By CleoFaye

“I’ve already said that I’m a big fan of things in my butt. P, the first ex, was very into butt play, knew what he was doing, and made me love it right along with him. I’m generally pretty paranoid, so I was very scared of sex for a long time.”

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