Sunny Gym

By | July 24, 2007

A little bit of sun can make a huge difference to my mood these days and it’s not just because of the horrible weather we’ve been having over what we laughingly refer to as the English summer. I think I mentioned it last year around this time, that more so than ever I feel the need to have at least a little bit of sun on my face during at least part of the year. So today, almost rain-free as it was a welcome respite from the gloomy wetness that has prevailed for so long.

So even as I started cycling at gym and my right knee twinged in a way which threatened a sudden end to my warm-up I carried on going. And my knee didn’t give up the ghost, in fact it felt better for the 20 minutes of punishment I gave it. Dripping with sweat I gave the weights a bit of what-for and finally was persuaded by Suze, against my better judgement, to finish off (or perhaps finish myself off) with a bit of rowing.

If we could afford a rowing machine, a proper rowing machine and perhaps an exercise bike I think we could almost cancel out gym membership. The garage would be converted and the car journey to and from the gym would be eliminated. Very green. We both love rowing, great all round exercise. But not when you’re knackered as I was.

I set up the computer and grasped the bar (the machine is one of those with a chain driven fan that provides the resistance (similar to this). I got a few strokes in, queue schoolboy/girl giggles from you all 😉 then started to feel a bit hazy. However being on a bit of a high I didn’t do the sensible thing, i.e. stop, I carried on.

Instead of my hands grasping the wooden handle of the rower they were now grasping Suze’s hair, gathered into pigtails. With each backward stroke I was pulling her head into my stomach, her mouth onto my cock. Had I been doing it for real my stomach would have been black and blue from the impact of her head. My cock would have been rammed down her throat with brutal force. And the angles were all wrong, I know, but in my euphoric endorphin fuelled state it all seemed to make sense. I can feel it now, the urge to fuck her face, force my cock into her throat. Something that I’ve never done, too porn star, lacking in feeling, but in my trippy state of being, stripped of inhibitions, quite natural.

Then things went kind of squishy and when they solidified again I was still holding Suze but this time from behind, my hand gripping her shoulders, fingers digging into her flesh. She was in a love swing in god knows what orientation because instead of the usual steady swing of such contraptions I was pumping away with my legs whilst simultaneously pulling her back onto my swollen cock. Her pussy filled and stretched with each swing, only to be emptied as I withdrew fully before plunging back in again. It was my brain putting the euphoric naughtiness and physical reality together. I didn’t say it made sense. 😛

So then I stopped, not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because the flashing, dancing, twinkly lights in my peripheral hinted that I might fall off the rowing machine and start gibbering. Lucky for me at least part of my mind wasn’t tripping and I stopped.

So while I wouldn’t advise pushing yourself quite that hard at gym it can certainly have an interesting effect.