Drunken Debauchery And Dropping Your Knickers

By | November 27, 2009

Girls On The TownI don’t go out down town like I used to any more. And to be honest I don’t miss it, can’t be doing with the cattle market routine any more. Also people’s idea of a good night out seems to have shifted since I was on the scene.

Standards seem to have dropped. And I’ve heard so do some girls knickers for a bag of chips. You know what I mean. Lol

It’s like peeing in the street, guys doing it is bad enough but girls are now squatting down and urinating. Maybe I’m a little more prim and proper than some. In my time you didn’t let your bra strap slide in to view from within your clothing and you certainly didn’t reveal your stocking tops.

Now it’s fashion to exhibit your bra, they now make bras with embellished straps especially to be seen and as for stocking tops, seeing them is all the rage.

However I do draw the line at showing your pants like the girl in the picture above. 🙂