Public Nudity In Australia

By | November 27, 2009

Sydney GirlThe Australians seem to be in to getting naked in public lately, only the other day I told you about the couple shagging in the clock tower and today we have a guy flashing.

Anthony Hadfield was accused of flashing two teenage girls in Albury’s Botanic Gardens but he told the police that he was “airing his penis because he had a rash”. He claimed that he hadn’t been masturbating and that he wasn’t aware that people had been passing him by in the gardens.

He was witnessed by two teenage girls who had been dropped off at the park to take photographs last September around 5pm. They had taken pictures of water when they noticed Hadfield aged 22. They noticed that he was holding his erect penis and walked away.

Another visitor reported his behaviour to the police. He appeared in court and was fined $250 by the magistrate who said he was concerned about Hadfield’s behaviour.

Allegedly two more serious charges of committing an act of indecency with someone under 16 had been dismissed previously on a technicality.

Is it me or is this guy a risk to the public? And you have to ask given the nature of the tow previous charges, why was his punishment so lenient? I hope for everyone’s sake that this guy has learned his lesson.