The Best A Man Can Get

By | July 25, 2007

I won’t deny that I love a guy with a clean shaven cock and balls, nothing like running your hands around soft, smooth balls, even better rolling them round in your mouth.  I’ve been shaving Alex’s pubic area for about 2 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There is something quite sensuous about shaving your man.

He trusts me complete now and can lay back and enjoy the experience, so much so that by the time I get to the last quarter to shave he is usually standing to full attention.  My little reward for making such a good job of it is to be fucked hard. 

But first I have to do the soft and smooth test, this involves me kissing the flesh in a circle all around his cock, then I finish off by sucking each ball in turn in to my mouth and giving it a little roll around with my tongue.  By now Alex’s cock is usually bouncing on my forehead depositing pre cum on my flesh and hair.

There are many reasons for having a clean shaven cock…

  • It’s easier to keep clean and you can soon tell if there are any unwanted guests.  🙂
    It has a certain amount of appeal the contrast of the pre-pubescent hairlessness and the man size cock.
  • The novelty factor if your man is usually hirsute down there it can quite a turn on
  • It can also make your cock look larger, they say up to an inch in length  😉
  • But the best reason of all, at least in my books is that you don’t get pubic hairs caught up in your teeth when you go down on your man and they don’t tickle your nose when you give him a blow job.

I have noticed a tendency of late to only grow a small patch of pubic hair above the top of the penis and have everything else bald.  This looks slightly amusing and can only be described as a wait for it…


It appears quite commonly on male porn stars, perhaps striking the happy medium between being totally hairless and slightly hairy.

On the subject of hair removal, one word of warning, and this is taken from experience…don’t use depilatory creams around his cock.  We tried it once and the skin around Alex’s cock was chemically burnt.  It would probably last longer if I could use a cream but not advisable.

However, wax on the other hand…”Alex why are you running away”?

I’ll be right back, let me know your thoughts on male pubes.