Watching Me Get Fucked

By | November 29, 2009


We had a late night last night, no nothing dirty before you ask. Someone pissed us off and we both settled down to sleep feeling like shit.

But this morning when I awoke I left it all behind me and noticed that Alex had made a start while I slept off my anger. He was busily testing his latest masturbator for review. He didn’t want to wake me but I wouldn’t have missed out on watching him, I love to see him play with himself.

So he is working his cock and the cat comes to lay next to me on the edge of the bed and takes an un-natural interest in Alex’s new toy. He watches him over me as his hand moves up and down over his cock.

By this time Alex is very hard and wants to engage me in a good seeing to. And I don’t object. I slide over to his side of the bed where Alex enters me missionary and starts to pump away.

Meantime the cat just lays there looking at us with a slightly bemused look on his face. Moments later he jumps of the bed and disappears from view, which I am glad about I don’t like being watched by the cat it just seems wrong somehow.

So I’m there getting a good hard fucking, trying to avoid my head being banged against the bedhead as I slip towards it with the power of his thrusts. Alex then takes hold of my left leg, withdraws from me and flips me on to my side.

As I flip I notice the bloody cat has repositioned himself at the other side of the bed and is sitting next to it staring at us. I giggle and point him out to Alex who was eagerly pushing back in to me and taking up position.

I’m not sure if it was as good for the cat as it was for me but moments later I was coming and making enough noise to scare him off. lol