The Appliance Of Science

By | July 28, 2007

Daily life is a constant balancing act between your aspirations and your financial circumstances. If you’re comfortably off then that truth is less apparent than when you’re a little short of cash and some unexpected expense comes and bites you in the arse.

This week was no exception. Our oven decided to finally give up the ghost. It’s been playing up for months and we knew it was going to croak on us at some point but had been hoping that would be at some point in time when we had a little cash to spare. Yeah, right.

So we went out looking to select a nice new appliance today at a number of stores in the nearest town. It was in one of these that my mind started drifting, probably to take away the thought of the imminent pain in my wallet.

Suze spotted one model she liked, it would look out of place in our kitchen but so what. We inherited the kitchen when we bought the house and want to change it any way. Like that’s going to happen soon. Anyway, I’m lagging behind, wanting to just buy an oven and get home when I see her bending over to look inside.

She wasn’t doing the classic “Oh look I’ve just dropped something” – bend from the hips and stick your arse in the air type bend, but squatting next to the display. But the tight jeans she had on were displaying her backside in glorious Tight-Denim-O-Visionâ„¢.

I caught up and stood, looking down at her and admiring the view down her blouse. Suze had pulled the brochure out of the oven’s innards and was reading the list of features. She stood up and placed the pamphlet on the counter top and began reading it. I siddled behind her and slid my left hand up under her arm and onto her breast. She giggled “Stop it, they have cameras!”

“So?” I enquired, sliding my other hand to her waistband and fumbling with the button on her jeans. Suze slapped my hand, she knew I’m capable of giving her pussy a quick fondle whilst out shopping. I’ve done it a couple of times before, though not in establishments where the security was as obvious as in the shop we were in. I was only winding her up.

I kissed her on the neck and let go of her left breast before we were discovered. However the thought of sliding my hand down the front of her half-open jeans and slipping a finger or two between her soft warm labia stayed with me. Fingers constricted by her clothing, bathed in the moist warm air around her crotch, perfumed with her scent … Then there was the though of what might have come next, slipping her jeans over her beautiful backside, leaving them mid-thigh to hold her legs together, sliding my hard cock into her. Suze’s hands spread against the tiles at the back of the faux kitchen, bracing herself against my thrusts. The threat of imminent discovery, or the chance that the cameras were observing and recording us making the fuck fast and frantic.

However I didn’t because despite being randy I’m not that reckless. How about you guys?