Beyond The Pain

By | July 29, 2007

Yesterday evening’s events made me think just how strong and anaesthetising the emotions evoked by the sexual act can be.  Taking you out of your body and allowing you to float in a warm sexual haze.  Where discomfort and pain can be transcended just for a while as you are enveloped by the desire to be fucked and ultimately orgasm.

Alex was like a wild man last night, not that I haven’t encountered his animal passions in the past but last night was different, I encountered one of his most dominant and forceful fuckings.  We started off with me on all fours, head resting on his pillow and ass high in the air.  I wanted to fuck doggy, no smooching, no kissing or foreplay just a good hard fucking.  We have all been there at some point in our relationship haven’t we?.  Don’t deny it.  😉

He entered me and began at steady, tantalising pace, pulling fully out and then plunging back inside my moist pussy.  Gently slamming his groin against my cunt.  I wasn’t long before I groaned in to the pillow the words “I’m coming” this fueling the fire, making Alex gather speed.  He pushed with more determination in to my tingling, pulsing warmth.

This must have been his queue he began to ram me harder than normal.  As I came back down to earth I realised that his inner animal was controlling him.  He was banging so hard against me that my hip bones shook and I was being pushed so close to the headboard that I had to turn my head to one side to avoid banging it rhythmically on the wood as he fucked me relentlessly.  I felt the familiar warmth and the tell tale tingling as I came again.

He started to growl like a cage animal and his grip on my shoulders intensified, so much so that I was now aware of it.  His growls were accompanied by the sucking of breath through his teeth and his cock was so big and hard and angled in such a way that he was now pushing against my cervix.  Uncomfortable but turning me on even more.

I tried to move back against him to regain some space between my head and the top of the bed but it was no use, as I moved back against him he just grasped me harder.  I now felt a slight discomfort as he dug his fingers in to my flesh but it was soon tempered by my orgasm building again and the pain subsided, transcended once again by the intensity of my emotions.

His body was now almost smothering mine, he was in to me so deep it felt like he was trying to climb inside me, to become one with me.  It was all I could do to stop myself from bending my arms and collapsing flat against the mattress where I would surely be crushed by his weight now bearing down on me.  All I could hear were his guttural moans as he thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper inside me.

The cartilage in my hips and knees, shoulders and elbows dampening his collisions with my pussy.  As he tirelessly took me from behind.  Despite all this I wanted him to continue, I wanted him to take me with need, urgency and animalistic drive.  I didn’t want to tame this beast, just enjoy the pleasures he was giving me, I was so turned on.

With one last thrust he flung himself over me for the final time, releasing his seed deep inside me.  Then he landed on top of my back, bringing us both down to the mattress.  He then convulsed and quivered for what seemed like minutes but were probably seconds as he jettisoned warm cum in to my waiting cunt.

We lay there together for a while regaining composure and him his breath.  I have never been taken like that before…I just hope it happens again.

I checked my shoulders in the mirror as we washed and there were distinct red fingerprints all over both of my shoulders.  Today I have a few small bruises to remind me of our carnal exploits, I couldn’t help but smile…