Dirty Filthy Talk

By | December 2, 2009

OK, here’s the deal. We had a clearout recently, one of our sex toy purges. Three or four bags of toys went into the bin along with a load of other stuff associated with the sex toy testing we do. It was necessary to ensure we have space to store and hide the stuff we want to keep.

During the clearout we found a T-shirt from the adult channel TelevisionX which I was given a couple of years ago by the Channel when we did a bit of work for them.

I decided to wear it to sleep in – I only wear a T-shirt in bed – as it wasn’t entirely suitable for wearing outside the house. The front has the words “You know you want it” written on it and the back has the TelevisionX logo in large letters.

Having worn it over night on Saturday evening I got up and just pulled on a pair of Jeans when the guy came to read the meter. It was only when I got back upstairs that Suze pointed out I was still wearing the T-Shirt. I don’t think the guy from the electricity company noticed.

However a potentially more embarrassing issue cropped up on Sunday when we went out for a pub meal. I was half way down the stairs with my coat on and Suze said “you’re not wearing that!” I had it on again.

To me it’s just a black T-Shirt.

Maybe I should wear one of the ones we had printed that have the AlexSuze.com logo printed on them and a picture of Suze’s boobs …