Will You Take This Down Please?

By | January 27, 2006

Alex and I are sat in the study next to each other at our large open plan desk. Both about to create entries for the blog. I am not quite sure which way to go with my writing today. I have a couple of ideas but nothing solid at the moment. I find if I sit by the keyboard for a while things gel and an idea is usually born. Not always but most times.

To my left Alex is already punching away at the keys. He seems to be in full flow at the moment. He is staring intently at the keyboard and hitting keys with a passion. Could he be writing about our latest sexscapade? Or will it be an article? We very rarely discuss what we are about to write. Usually because it just flows out of us based on a thin trail of thought.

I’m sat here milling ideas through my mind, leaning over the keyboard. When Alex pushes his chair back and climbs under the desk. His hand reaches between my knees and he gently pushes them apart. “I can’t open them anymore, this denim mini is quite restrictive, just a moment” I instruct him. “Lift your ass” comes the reply.

I raise my ass of the operators chair I am sat on and Alex hooks his fingers around both sides of my skirt and pushes it up creating a denim belt around my middle. I can feel his hot breath against the crotch of my pink thong and the aroma emanating from my pussy is now evident in the air.

Alex’s breathing has quickened and deepened as he draws in the air. Just hearing this has made me synchronise with his heavy breaths. My chest becoming tight with excitement with each rise and fall. Butterflies now flutter deep within my stomach as the thrill takes hold. He pulls at my moist thong. No, not moist, I’m sure it is soaked with my juices. I can feel the hot/cold sensation of the material in the respiratory airflow against my pussy.

He pulls my wet gusset over to the right and tucks it neatly between my mons and inner thigh. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to write now, an all consuming desire to give in to his ministrations comes over me. But I must persist and try to document the encounter, I need to take this down. Long after the experience has terminated, there will be written documentation of this tryst.

His fingers are now pushing in to my sex. Parting my fleshy petals. “Ough”, he has just caught me with his fingernail. “Sorry, sweetheart”, he exclaims. Re adjusting his fingers he tries again. This time my inner lips permit his entry. “Yes”, I sigh sucking air between my lips and sinking deeper in to my chair. He runs his fingers the length of my slit and then offers them to my lips. I open my mouth around them and suck the moisture from each digit. The taste of my own juices is increasing my passion and I can now feel my clit throbbing as it pulses with its engorgement.

I slide further down the chair as his fingers run up and down my slit and then circle my erect clit. “Ouch”, a finger has now been pushed between my ass cheeks and in to my ass hole. He begins to waggle gently inside my anus. His tongue is now encircling my clit and his left hand is reaching up my stomach towards my breast. Oh my God, I can feel my orgasm building as he sucks on my hard clit. My….

(Apologies, I had to stop there. I couldn’t reach the keyboard and what’s more I didn’t really care 🙂 )

My body started to tremble and my toes curl as I thrashed on the chair with my orgasm’s rapture. Oh fuck, I just noticed my chair. There are gonna be white marks on that later. Alex looks up and smiles at me. He shuffles sideways and emerges from under the desk. Now stood to the left of me, his denim clad groin is at mouth level.

He leans over and steals a kiss. The potent bouquet of my sex clings to him. What a turn on , smelling your pussy on your own guys face. The aroma bringing back memories of previous female encounters. I love the smell of pussy juice, the tightening of the skin as it dries on your mouth and nose. Anyway, that’s a different story all together.
He unzips his fly and lets his jeans fall to the floor. I sit before him like a greedy cock whore, eyes widening with the reveal. I take a look up in to his green eyes and smile. I know he loves that look and I see his cock twitch in appreciation out of the corner of my eye.

If you could just see him in his black lycra boxers, cock hard and captured. Oh, I forgot some of you might have already seen him wearing these for cock blogging. I am typing with one hand now, whilst I rub his erection through the soft shiny material. I just noticed the telltale damp patch over to the right of his boxers. He’s oozing cum just for me.

I squeeze his cock before setting it free. His boxers hit the floor and he steps out of them. That hard cock is right before my eyes, bouncing gently. Is Alex doing that? Or is it the blood coursing through his erection? His foreskin is slightly back and the end shining and almost purple with the increased blood flow. Moisture, drips from the tip. I catch it on the tip of my finger and wipe it across my tongue. “Hum”, you taste good enough to fuck”, I tease.

His cock twitches again and his balls are about as high as they can get without complete retraction. Did I just see them churn some hot cum for me? I reach between his open legs and place my hand firm against his perineum. Alex lets out a throaty groan and rocks slightly as if slightly loosing his balance, his legs giving way slightly. He regains his composure whilst sucking a breath between his clenched teeth.

I can feel the power of his erection, his perineum is hard and firm. Christ if I could get this length inside me as well, he would come out of my mouth.

I move my hand deeper between his legs and seek out the union of his cheeks. I push between them and against his ass hole. I feel the sphincter pop as I break his seal with my middle finger. Alex pushes back against my enquiring finger and releases a groan.

His cock is now dripping cum on to the floor, I hadn’t noticed as I had been watching Alex’s eyes roll back in to his head as I finger fucked his ass. I pushed in deeper and found the sweet spot. I pushed my finger firmly downwards on to his spongy prostate. I felt Alex’s knees give way slightly as he lowered on to my finger. His mouth wide with the vocalisation of arousal. With a rhythmic and slow beat I pushed down on his prostate and placed my mouth over his erection.

He tasted so sweet and hot. Yes, his prick was really hot in my mouth. Hot and pulsing, so turgid that teeth probably wouldn’t sink in to the flesh. There was absolutely no give, I tried to give him a gentle nibble but my teeth just seemed bounce off his erection. Alex was now bucking his hips in time with my prostate stimulation.

“I want to fuck you, stop I want to fuck you”, he exclaimed. “No, Suze stop or I’ll cum in your mouth”. I pulled back his foreskin and sucked hard on him, pushing my tongue out of my mouth I pushed him to the back of my throat …