Swedish Sexorama

By | December 4, 2009

Public figures, especially of the celebrity persuasion need to court publicity to ensure their careers progress and their face is know and therefore valued by potential sponsors and endorsement partners.

Unfortunately when the publicity isn’t favourable this can mean that the celebrity in question comes crashing from grace with a speed that often bears no relation to the severity or otherwise of their apparent misdemeanours. And if you are on the highest pedestal you have the farthest to fall.

You have probably guessed that I’m talking about the epitome of squeaky-clean American heroes, Tiger Woods.

If the latest allegations are to be believed Woos is indeed a Tiger, waving his club around all over the place. It’s reported that he’s been having relationships with three women Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs and Kalika Moquin … while married to his wife.

I’m not criticising him for infidelity, nor am I condoning it. But if this is all true he has strayed with three different women – maybe he simply can’t do monogamy.

In Woods’ search for “The Best A Man Can Get” he may end up with nothing at all.