A Little Self Indulgence

By | August 2, 2007

I was off work today and decided that I would have a day of self indulgence, something I don’t do very often.  Now to most ladies that would mean a trip to the hairdressers or the beauty salon or maybe an afternoon shopping.  But for me it meant a day of porn.

After Alex had left for work and the bed on his side started to cool down, I decided to make my way down to the kitchen for some breakfast.  I made myself a couple of slices of toast with marmalade and a coffee and took myself back to bed to eat it.

I finished off breakfast and put the tray out on the landing whilst I washed my hands in the bathroom.  It was now time to start the day.  I pulled the locked case out from under the bed, set the combination and thumbed my way through our collection of DVD’s.  I have a favourite for my special self indulgent moments, Cum Beggars, the scene with Julie Silver and two great cocks, sorry guys I can’t remember your names.

It wasn’t there, I couldn’t see it anywhere.  I began to panic, I know that sounds a little sad but it was of my favourites.  You see we use a video store who operate a swap facility on their DVD’s, if you take your old one in you can part exchange it for another one.  🙂  It occurred to me that the last time we visited the Adult Store Alex exchanged a DVD to get one of the latest Harmony productions.

Oh bugger!  Had he swapped it.  Just as I was starting to become really panicy I noticed it tucked away behind another of my favourites.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was.  The reason for this will become apparent shortly.

So I disappeared off to the bedroom, ejected House Of Shame, another erotic porn production by Tanya Hyde.  That’s one lady I would like to spend an evening with, if you get my drift.  😉  Anyway, back to what I was saying.  I pushed the DVD in drive and settled down on the bed with the remote control and selected the scene I was wanting.

As the DVD played away I reached in to my drawer and brought out my Cherry Nibbler, this has to be one of my all time favourite toys.  Guaranteed clitoral orgasm in under 10 minutes.  😉  I love to have visual stimulation whilst I bring myself off.  Is this unusual or do you look at magazines, streaming video or other wank accessories?

I placed the vibrating cup over my clit and turned up the power to setting 3 on constant vibe.  Julie was now being fucked in her pussy with a big jelly dildo stuck in her arse.  She has a very nice tight ass and her pussy is neat and tidy too.

Julie was being taken care of and I was nearing my orgasm, watching her being fucked by a fairly sizeable cock with that butt plug in brought me to the edge and I clenched my buttocks as I came, twitching and moaning as the rapture of full orgasm gripped me.  That was one wonderful way to start the day.

I lay there with clit and pussy tingling for a few minutes until the euphoria subsided and then went to wash off and clean my toy, must keep it in good working order.  Lol

The rest of the day was spent surfing video streaming sites.  I was looking for tit wanking, I wanted to watch a guy being milked by some busty girl and then cum all over her chest.  It seemed like I was asking for something a little too specialised, I couldn’t find a good clip anywhere.  How can something so commonly done be so difficult to find?  I could find it on pay sites, but I don’t want to pay for it thank you very much.

So if anyone out there can give me a good link or site to visit I would be most grateful.  After all I’m sure this can’t be under the counter stuff and I have an itch I need to scratch.

Now I could always make my own…