Eating Sperm

By | December 4, 2009

And other things…

I can’t quite remember what my search term was but I happened across a very unusual site tonight. Searching Google can bring up some interesting material to fire up my synapses and set me to writing and other times can produce some real uninspiring poop.

After all we all need a muse, a little inspiration to write truly original posts and if there is one thing you do get the opportunity to do here, that is share some of the weird things which go through my head and daily life. Lol

At the moment all things chocolate seem to be good I’m not sure if I just hit on a goldmine of inspiration or if it is coincidence as we fast approach Christmas. I just had to go back over that sentence because I’m inserting characters I don’t need.

I’ve just happened across a wonderful choclatier. This site is a human biologists dream, they even make a chocolate lung. But what impressed me the most was the blue or pink chocolate sperm. Yum! 😉