Wax Play And Discovery – Part 2

By | August 3, 2007

I stood quietly on the back garden admiring the wax blobs clinging to my arms.  They looked quite pretty dotted along my forearm, like little opalescent blobs of cum.  I know, trust me to bring filth in to it.  😉

The wax droplets had now started to lift at the edges and looked like little jimpy edged dishes.  I was starting to enjoy the pull of my flesh as the wax lifted and contorted.  Resisting the urge to peel the wax disks off my arm I focused my attention on the burning candle in my right hand and the task before me.

At that moment the sound of distant hooves heading my way kicked me back to reality, I was stood outside in the garden with hardly any clothes on and my breasts totally exposed to the warmth of the mid day sun.

I blew out the candle and headed back in to the house until the horse riders passed the bottom of the garden and it was a good job they did, the tallest of the riders looked straight over the fence on the upward motion.  Lol

When they couldn’t be heard any more I moved back outside with the candle and lighter and my bravery subsiding.  The doubt now set back in again, was it going to hurt when the molten wax made contact with the soft tender flesh on my breast.

Again I relit the candle and raised my arm about half it’s length away from my right breast and I grit my teeth together as I began to tilt the candle downward allowing the wax to fall upon me.  I braced myself for contact and the first furry of droplets bounced on my breasts, each one feeling like a small bullwhip had flicked across my chest.  All I could say was “ouch!”.

This was certainly not the right height for me.  I now felt the warmth as the candle wax’s heat dissipated in to my skin.  It was like a quick sting followed by a glowing warmth which felt good.  The wax stippled the skin of my breast but had not reached the sensitive aerola yet.  It looked like someone had wanked off over my tits, a bukkake moment.  😉

Despite the initial discomfort of the wax raining down on me the overall sensation was very arousing, I could feel my panties beginning to moisten between my legs.  Being the sensation and thrill seeker that I am I had to try it again.  This time I fully extended my arm, moving it as far away from my boobs as I could.

With a quick brave tilt of the candle I let the wax rain down once more.  This time some splashed on to my aerola and nipple and the sensation was a little too intense.  I need longer arms I concluded but how the hell can you extend your arms…

Alex…of course!  He can hold the candle higher for me next time and share in the fun. 

Before I removed the wax I managed to capture the picture at the top of this post, I need to use coloured wax next time so that you can get the full effect and contrast of my pale flesh and the brightly coloured wax.

Anyone a preference of colour, or should I use different ones for a more dramatic image?

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