An Epiphany – Sex and Bioluminescence

By | January 25, 2006

I had an epiphany of sorts today. Nothing religious, I can assure you. I’ve been trying for months to describe to Suze and to you guys what my synesthesia looks/feels like.

There seem to be two distinct types. First is the one that I draw, washes of colour. They do move in a constantly changing maelstrom of hue and sensation, but the mood of them and some of the movement can be captured on paper. I wish I were a better artist so I could really do them justice, but the pastel drawings I’ve done so far are reasonable representations.

The other type, and here’s where the epiphany comes in, it involves the flashes of light. Not the sort you see when you’re about to pass out, these are different. Remember I feel as well as “see” them. I say see but I have to underline that I don’t necessarily see them with my eyes. Most of the time it’s feeling the colours at the site of the sensation.

For example I have described that sometimes when I cum it feels like I’m shooting opalescent pebbles from my groin.

What I have realised is that if you want see what I experience you need to visit the deep ocean and sit in the dark. If you’re very lucky you’ll see bioluminescence from a lot of the deep sea creatures. It’s quite a light show and similar in many respects to what I experience. And no I don’t own a submersible, I just watch a lot of wildlife programs :o). For pictures of bioluminescence Google it, all the good ones I found had huge © notices on them.

While there are two distinct types of experience they do often occur together. So sex (and other intense sensations) are always an adventure.

Here’s another aspect of the experience that Suze found odd. I don’t necessarily experience “sexy” colours. Or to put it more accurately what would commonly be regarded as sexy colours. Different cultures have different views what colours represent, but I don’t think any culture regards greys and muddy browns as hot and horny. Do they?

Now if some of this is a bit confusing to you, dear reader, I apologise. I’m not sure I have the words to describe the wonderful and varied experiences that synesthesia brings to my life. But thank you for reading this anyway.