Neighbours, Everybody Needs Good …

By | January 24, 2006

As you may recall I raised the question “Are my neighbours swingers?” the other day. Well I haven’t yet had the balls to walk over and invite them round. Although I must admit I am really warming to the idea of inviting them for a social evening, lacing them with alcohol and asking a few questions, or not, depending on how drunk they get.

Do I have a suspicious (hopeful) mind? This weekend there were two new vehicles on their drive over night. We kept things fairly quiet so that we could hear any suspicious noises through the party wall. We only heard the odd giggle and lots of running up and down stairs. Now, you would expect that there would be lots of loud music playing wouldn’t you. But no, if they are swinging then they are doing it very quietly.

All except for a brief interlude around 1am Sunday morning when rhythmic banging could be heard. You know the sound I mean, distant headboard tapping against a hard surface. Alex not being as suspicious as me suggested that maybe they were doing something non-sexual. Rubbish! They were shagging, the timing was perfect for a long deep thrusting fuck.

Please don’t consider me nosey. Well OK then, I admit it, I am. When the “fucking” noise had died down, I rushed upstairs to listen. Nothing could be heard, no groans of ecstasy no heavy breathing. But one thing I did notice was that they had only closed two sets of bedroom curtains. Their property is a four bedroomed semi conversion. My mind began to tick. So there are only two bedrooms in use and the visitors arrived in two cars. Now I’m not a mathematician but that must mean that the two guests who arrived in different cars were possibly sharing a room. See below for equation:

1+1= At Least 2 People

Does this imply that they probably didn’t know each other intimately until Saturday night? Their bedroom light was on and the window open. I did consider opening ours to listen out for clues. But with my luck it would have squeaked, alerting them to my nosiness.

Alex and I went shopping early this morning and when we returned both of the strange cars had left. So the story continues and I am no nearer to finding out the truth. Although I do have to admit the possible scenarios are probably infinitely more interesting. Or I could just be right. Either way I will keep you posted on events as they occur.

What do you think should we invite them round next weekend? Should we buy in some additional lube just in case?