That Elusive Festive Fuck

By | December 6, 2009

You would not believe how difficult it is for me to get into a festive mood this year. It’s not just that my childhood is an increasingly distant memory and that my grown-up brain simply can’t get as excited about trimming up the tree as it once would. I’ve enjoyed Christmas over the past few years more than for a long time. Having our nephew round at one point or another has helped. Kids really do make Christmas, their honest joy at the mere fat that it is yuletide always lifts the atmosphere.

No, this year is different because it’s been so difficult and stressful. I only just realised it I I tried to think of something to write. Our sex life is as fulfilling as ever but whereas before I could come up with something to write about easily I am currently in a bit of tired and uninspired rut.

I don’t have any great erotic stories in my head. I don’t have many revolutionary and provocative thoughts to commit to the blog. I can’t even find any good Christmas Porn on the web.
So until I get my ass inspired I may be a little quiet.