I’m A Wanker, I’m A Wanker And It Does Me Good…

By | August 4, 2007

The title of this post was taken from the famous song by Ivor Bigun, if you want to read the lyrics because they are very amusing go here and tell them I sent you.  🙂

I’m starting this one with a song because at the moment I can’t stop thinking about wanking/masturbating since my post the other day where I was searching for some good tit wanking videos.  BTW, thanks to those who left suggestions and links, I will be following those up shortly.  😉

Not only do I enjoy masturbating myself, as you all know if you read me regularly.  But I like to bring a guy to orgasm with the use of my hands, mouth, tits and anything else they fancy.  It makes me feel powerful and horny knowing that I have that control over my partner.  The ability to bring them to the point of no return and watch his pained face as he spurts his hot cum on to me.

It’s not just the outcome which pleases me but the act of masturbating your partner, watching his erection grown and harden within your grasp.  His breathing increase in pace and depth as he succumbs to your ministrations.  I love to move the foreskin back and forth, watching the swollen glans head disappear and reappear over and over again, watching the bulbous head swell.

Running my tongue around the helmet, flicking and encircling the throbbing tip.   Poking the tip of my tongue down the opening and tasting the first emission of precum.  Blowing air across the wet bell end and watching it pulse with blood.  Then taking it in my mouth and rubbing it against my inner cheek, cupping his firm balls in my hand at the same time.

Then pushing the hard thick shaft down in to my throat and rubbing the underside with my tongue, teasing the frenulum as it rubs the back of my tongue…

I have never been with a guy who had been cut and therefore have no frame of reference when it comes to wanking one off.  I asked Alex if he had ever met a circumcised guy who had discussed it with and he hadn’t.

But it did make me wonder just how sensitive the end of a cut cock is, I mean if it rubs against your clothing all the time, I guess it would make it less sensitive to stimulation.  Otherwise cut guys would be constantly coming in their underwear, wouldn’t they?  And the frenulum, this is one of the most sensitive areas on a cock, so what happens to it when you have been circumcised?  Does it disappear althogether or does it become less sensitive?

And finally how do you wank a cut cock?  Is it best to just rub around the underside of the head or is there another tecnique?  See I don’t know everything but I’m a fast learner 😉 so if there are any guys out there reading this who can educate me in the art of wanking a circumcised male I would be most grateful.

You never know I may meet one in the future who needs my assistance and you could possibly help me out!

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