By | December 7, 2009

I have a veracious appetite for sex, it hasn’t always been that way but over the last 6 years or so I have been well up for it. Lol This usually results in Alex and I shagging on average twice a day, considering that you spend the majority of your day at work during the week this is a good average. 😉

Of course we test and review toys so sex in our household is usually regular as part of that commitment to our work. It’s true, we have a duty to test products and report our findings back to you dear reader.

That said I think we would find it difficult to fit any more sex in there as we have other duties and tasks to perform as householders.

Which is why I find myself questioning this story I just read in The Sun it’s a piece of copy regarding Jennifer Metcalfe and her lover, who incidentally is giving the story. It alleges that Jennifer who stars in the hit series Hollyoaks demanded sex from her boyfriend 10 times a night.

Don’t you think this sounds a little exaggerated, or is it just me? Unless of course she’s dating identical twins 😛