An Interesting Day At The Office Dear!

By | August 6, 2007

I returned to work today after a few days holiday and therefore was a little deflated and not at all wanting to be there.  It was nice to hear that I had been missed but I’m not sure if that related to the increase in workload on my colleagues or that they were missing me and my chirpy disposition.

I’ve had to try and chain in my naughty side but it does have a tendency to slip out every now and then but I think I may have gotten away with it.  😉  It’s natural for me to be open in my sexuality now and not think twice about discussing things that would maybe make some people blush.  Although at times you can see the devilishness trying to escape from within my colleagues.

Today was no exception and took me totally by surprise.  I was talking to one of the girls in another office, she is normally very reserved but possesses a good sense of humour and will laugh at the odd dirty joke or rude reference.  I had her down for being a little stayed but capable of letting it all out when she has had a few Sherries.

As part of my daily working procedure I have to liase with this girl quite frequently.  We were talking about my holiday and making light hearted chat when she came out with the fact that she went to the Adult Store which Alex and I regularly frequent at the weekend.  Well, my jaw nearly dropped.

She then went on to say that she had seen some very nice boots in her size…they were the shiny black PVC ones which come up to the thigh.  At that point it all became too much and I just wanted to start asking her if she had seen some of the basques they have in there and checked out the playwear…and oooh!   Had she checked out the sex toys because I could recommend…

…I had to reign myself in and just giggle and say “you have hidden depths don’t you!”.  Do you know there are times when I would just love to have a really good chat about things like this but I just don’t think that work is the right place to do it.

It did give me something to consider over lunch.  What if we had bumped in to her this past weekend in the Adult Store.  I think my immediate reaction would be to try and not be seen but it’s difficult in that store without looking a little suspicious.  🙂

Have any of you ever had a close run-in when out buying something for the weekend?

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