Just The Job

By | August 8, 2007

Today the Department of Work And Pensions (DWP) in the UK has announced that it will be permitting the advertising of jobs within the adult industry in its nationwide job centres.  A spokesman on the television this evening announced that they will be vetting the prospective employers to ensure that the positions are above board and legal.

Now that’s a job I could do day in and day out without a problem!  😉

Can you imagine having to vet pole dancing venues and swingers clubs as part of your working day.   And further more, get paid for doing it.  Would you be able to sample the services on offer for free or at a reduced rate?  I’m certainly thinking of a career change.

I checked out the Job Centre Plus site and couldn’t find the search criteria I needed, Adult Industry didn’t feature, not even within the Entertainment Industry section.  So how are you supposed to find these positions?  It’s about time we started to become more open minded about these perfectly legitimate trades, where do they advertise now?

These jobs are just as skilful as any other manual role, in fact I am in awe of poledancers…what a talent!  They sometimes do classes at my local gym and I have though about taking part several times but it looks like bloody hard work.  😉 

I’ve also heard that you can now claim an allowance to purchase and interview suit if you are unemployed, will this be stretched to include buying an outfit for a stripping interview including a pair of platform shoes I wonder.

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