Too Hot To Handle…

By | August 10, 2007

They are right when they say that we British are never happy unless we are moaning about the weather.  Over the past few months we have seen everything that nature can throw at us, floods, hail storms and constant rain, searing temperatures and today an earth quake in Manchester.  What the hell is going on!

Temperatures have taken an upturn once again and we can pretend that it is summer for about the 3rd attempt this year.  At least until Sunday when they are promising that the cooler wetter weather will return.

See I told you we are never happy.  Lol

Over the course of this week the weather has become hotter and more humid and finally today we had  a steamy and sticky 24 degree sunshine.  It’s lovely when you can enjoy it at home or even sit in an airconditioned office but over here in the UK airconditioning is almost as rare as dodo shit.  🙂

My office has particularly large expanses of glass, which helps everyone heat up like they are in a Swedish hot house.   Whatever that is…in fact I quite like the sound of that.  😉  By mid afternoon I was wet through and I’m not talking just about my gusset.  You nasty people. It was like a video for a Benny Benassi track, you know the one I mean.

It was so humid that there was a constant trickle of sweat running between my breasts.  I know you guys have it bad with your collars, ties and suits but you don’t have to wear a restrictive bra.  Do those things swell up to twice there size in the heat?  Mine felt like they were trying to burst out of my bra today.

Guys you don’t realise just how uncomfortable wearing an underwired bra is in the height of summer.  Your breasts sweat so much that the underside of your bra becomes sodden with the salty fluid.  The straps seem to cut in to your flesh as they stick to you, restricting your movement.  All these things conspired to me just wanting to throw my bra off and cool down.  But that is something you can’t do in a busy office. 

Or even in the toilets, I would love to let my breasts get some air, at home that isn’t a problem I haven’t been wearing underwear at all over the past few days.  But it’s a different thing at work, au natural would be frowned upon.  Even if I wore a fairly thick t-shirt or top my nipples would insist on giving the game away, they rarely invert.  The bounce would also be a bit of a problem, not to mention the dangers of leaning over someone.  No, I just had to stick with it like thousands of other girls.

So guys next time you complain about your attire during hot weather just give a thought to us girls who can’t loosen our bras like you can your tie.

BTW, guys if you fancy soaping up a nice pair of breasts in the shower, take a look at this.