Sexing It Up

By | December 10, 2009

Alex and I had to make another trip to the mall this weekend despite ensuring on our last visit that we got everything we needed for Christmas.  I didn’t factor in loosing Alex’s Christmas card.  I recall buying him one a few weeks ago but came to find it on Saturday to no avail, everywhere I would have hidden it from him turned up nothing.

I haven’t a clue where it is but one thing is for certain, it will probably show up next year.  Normally I would suggest if that happened I would send it to him for the following Christmas but I went and bought another of the same card.

I’m hearing you all shout “you could put it away and use it next year”.  And I would have to respond no.  Alex has the most incredible memory and would spot it was the same.  I’ve inadvertently given him the same card two years running by accident, I forgot I sent the same one last year.  Lol  He didn’t and told me.  How embarrassing.

So there we were in the madness that ensues in the shopping mall at this time of year.  We were surrounded by Christmas zombies all wondering around aimlessly trying to find the perfect present.

We took a brief break from our shopping to check out Ann Summers.  I’ve never seen so many people in the store…and not just that, so many men.  You could tell by the clientele what time of year it was.  Lol

There were a couple of guys wondering around the toy section at the rear of the store.  One of them was on his mobile asking the person at the other end if they were interested in a cock ring.  Don’t ask!

Another guy was looking at the negligés, come on…find something a little more original.  I’m not a big fan of Ann Summers which goes way back.  I think it is because she retailed so many cheap and itchy baby doll nineties when I first discovered her way back in the eighties.  It’s one item of underwear I find repulsive and cheap looking and very, very cliché.

It just goes to show how first impressions can leave a long impression.  Lol  I still can’t help thinking that their presents to loved ones could just be for themselves.  😉