The Scent Of A Woman – Only £14.95

By | August 12, 2007

Can you believe we drove miles today to smell pussy.  Yes we did, I know it sounds a little crazy.  It’s ages since I have had the pleasure of inhaling a woman’s wonderful perfume up close and personal.

Since Alex’s post the other day “Scent Of A Woman“, we have both been intrigued and eager to smell the sensuous aroma for ourselves.  So today being Sunday and although we did have other things to be doing, we set off in the car like the intrepid adult industry reporters we are.  😉

After a couple of hours of travel we reached the adult store the largest one in the UK, we thought if any of them was going to have the product they would.  And so we chanced the two hour trip because you can’t really phone up and say do you have Vulva Original in store?

 Well, I suppose we could but we just didn’t want to and it would give us both a day out looking around an adult store to see if we can spot anything new.  One of my favourite pastimes these days.  Forget shopping for clothes and shoes, I now spend my time hunting down new and original toys to review for you.

We pulled in to the carpark and were pleased to see there weren’t many cars parked up.  It’s always easier to talk to the staff if you haven’t got a store full of people because they get distracted and shout out things like “Have you had DVD’s from us before, Oh, so you know about our exchange program then” or “Are you looking for anything in particular?”.

I wasn’t sure if they would have a sample of the essence for us to smell but I was hoping they would.  Alex and I walked around the store, noting that there were laminated A4 sheets placed on the DVD shelves advertising the very product we had travelled to see and hopefully smell.

Alex and I walked around the central counter checking if there was any sign of VO on the counter.  We were just about to give up when Alex spotted a small display on the furthest end of the counter.  No, testers were in sight.  Damn!

Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves we made for the DVD section and I suggested to Alex as the shop was empty he ask the male assistant if there is a tester to sample.  He wandered back over to the counter and asked the assistant as I stood watching from the DVD’s heart pounding hardly able to contain my excitement.  I really wanted the opportunity to try this one out.

I held my breath as the assistant bent down to retrieve a small vial of clear liquid from under the counter.  Alex held out his hand and the guy behind the counter spread the liquid from the vial on to the back of his hand.

Alex beckoned me over…

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