Little Miss Mile High

By | December 11, 2009

I’ve had sex in some unusual places including trains and cars but never attempted anything on an aircraft.  You are usually sat within sight of other passengers and in some cases next to them and therefore the chances of you getting amorous with your partner are minimal.

And there is the toilet option.  Have you seen the size of those things?  There is no way you could manoeuvre in there to get up to anything, also there is the small problem of entering the toilet together in full view of staff and passengers.  It’s just not going to happen is it?

I can’t speak for the facilities in first class but I don’t think I will be trying those out any day soon.  Lol

So given these obvious obstacles between you and your partner getting it on why do people insist on making up stories of their mile high exploits.  The latest is a story I just read in the sun regarding Big Brother 2002 winner Kate Lawler who it claims was evicted from a toilet with her male companion on Sunday.

She was allegedly on a FlyBe flight from Guernsey to Gatwick when she was spotted.  Her manager is claiming that the story is a work of fiction because Kate is scared of flying and tends to remain glued in her seat for the duration of the flight.

I think someone may have consumed too many drinks from the bar on that flight.  Lol