So Fucked Up, Would You Fuck This

By | December 11, 2009

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that we write fiction alongside all the other posts. We try to keep this place varied with personal blogging, articles, opinion pieces, sex toy reviews and humour, all with an adult theme.

Of late we haven’t written as much fiction, mainly due to the writing we do elsewhere for example out toy reviews on There is another reason why I personally haven’t written as much in the way of fiction recently.

It’s because some of the ideas I have are so twisted that I don’t think they’d read well as a story. I don’t mean perverted, though some of the scenarios I come up with are as kinky as hell, I suppose I really mean convoluted and requiring of a great deal of background.

When you read erotica or a titillating story (and there is a difference) you need to be engaged in the act and I having to wade through too much background or an idea which you don’t find appealing (say Sc-Fi or supernatural fantasy which is what I tend to write) can be off-putting.

Then again, as I have stated in previous posts I can’t see any of my characters as flat and without personality because without a little depth I think it’s impossible to write them into an arousing story, even if it’s flash fiction of the kind that you’d find in the back of a wank mag. Not to say that all erotic flash fiction is porn, it’s just that most of that which gets published is just that. Written to arouse and satisfy in the shortest possible time.

A man is more than a ripped body and a huge cock, a woman more than her breast pussy and ass. Even when the aim is to get the reader’s juices flowing I can rarely bring myself just to write the words to push the right buttons. There has to be a background to the story and people in it, no matter how sketchy.

People fuck and suck for a reason. It doesn’t just happen. That reason can be true love, lust or just the need to make themselves feel better. When you’re writing adult fiction you could make judgements about the validity of any one genre, style or individual story. I wouldn’t bother. They all have their uses and so long as they don’t promote illegal acts then there can be something for everyone.

So back to my original reason for writing this post. Anyone got any preferences to the length, content and style of erotic fiction they read?