Dirty Talk

By | August 15, 2007

My days at the office are becoming more enjoyable by the day.  I wish the girls had opened up to me sooner but I’m not complaining.  As you all know I love talking dirty be it in the bedroom or at the office.

The girls revealed today that they have a kinky mutual friend who isn’t shy, for the sake of this post we will refer to her as May.  Apparently she greets men by grabbing a handful of their groin area.  One of the girls, who is quite prim and has parents of breeding said that when she met her father she couldn’t believe that she actually grabbed him.  She said “It was on of those moments when you glance round and see a hand retracting from your fathers groin and you think, Oh no, she didn’t did she?”.

Apparently her father took it in good spirit and after the initial shock of being groped he laughed it off.  Much to the embarrassment of my work colleague who wanted to crawl under a table and hide.  Lol

This woman is married and her husband is just as open minded, in fact they believe that it is his doing that she is so outwardly saucy.  May drives the car around with a carrier bag of “Girls Toys” on the backseat.  One of the girls got in to the back of the car one day for a lift and moved the bag to get in and it was full of her toys.

It sounds as if they are enjoying life to the full and regularly go out in to the woods, strip off and fuck over fallen trees and anything and everything.  I did try to find out where they hang out but I didn’t manage to get an answer, I think the phone rang.  😉

One of the girls said I don’t use things.  I replied “what sort of things?”.  “You know cucumbers and other vegetables”.  I laughed out loud when I realised what she was talking about.  “Don’t you have any toys then?”, I enquired pushing the envelope of familiarity further.  “No, I don’t see the need for them, I prefer the real thing”, she responded.

I was just about to recommend some of my favourites to her and had to stop myself.  😉  It comes far too natural now to just come out with suggestions on adult toys for people to use…I nearly recommended a vibrator in the adult store when we were in there the other week and had to stop myself.

Then it slipped out, “Do they take part in dogging too?”.  Oh shit, I thought to myself as they gave me blank stares back.  I then had to explain to them what it was.  They didn’t think the couple took part in that kind of activity, in fact they couldn’t believe that dogging actually took place.  See, it’s an education working with me.  🙂

Now I can’t wait to meet this woman and I’m hoping that she will turn up at the next girl’s night out.  I may just learn a thing or two.

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