Oh Fuck Me You Beast!

By | December 13, 2009

There’s a British celeb whose notoriety was enhanced a few years ago when he was overheard making love to another celeb. Specifically because she apparently cried out “Oh fuck me <insert celeb name> you beast!” in the middle of a very noisy session.

Of course in a cynical media-centric world that could have been engineered to make the guy the talk of the tabloids. But whether it was or was not it does make you think.

Although Suze is a bit of a screamer when it comes to sex she doesn’t usually go much beyond moaning, grunting, “yes!” and “harder!”. When she does go beyond that it can sound a bit incongruous. That probably sounds a bit ungrateful because if she does extend her coital vocabulary to something more expansive the resultant phrase is invariably complimentary. I’ll not repeat the last passionate ejaculation she uttered, suffice to say it was very gratifying.

I think if Suze got too wordy during sex I would think she was being disingenuous. If you can think straight when fucking you probably aren’t doing it right. Passionate sex expunges most rational thought from your mind and leaves only the carnal instincts. That doesn’t imply a lack of sophistication in your love making simply that the single-minded pursuit of mutual gratification is all that remains.

The complexities of modern life can be temporarily forgotten, the worries which taint your normal thought process can be disregarded and pure pleasure experienced. If only for a short time. However I personally would come down to earth with a bump if in the middle of giving a woman a damn good seeing to she cried out something that sounded too verbose.