Cock Holding

By | December 13, 2009

I notice that cuckolding seems to have become a favourite pastime over the last few months.  No playing with the trainset or filling the garage with car parts in the hope that one day they will become a four wheeled classic.

Oh no.  Swinging was once the most sexually emancipated practice a couple could become involved in and very popular in the 70’s in the suburbs if what I have read is to believed.  😉  At least with that you both got a crack at the whip so to speak.

You got your end away at the same time as your partner.  That seems kind of fair to me.  But I’m not getting this whole cuckolding thing at all.  Why would you want to hand your partner over to another man while you just sit and watch.  Hmmm.

Surely this has to be a dangerous pastime to become involved in.  When the two of you participate at least it seems you are both on common ground but when you are simply pimping her out where is the gain, the sexual thrill?

Does it make you feel good that you let another guy fuck her but it’s you who is taking her home at the end of the evening?  Enlighten me because I can see it being a recipe for disaster and jealous reprisal.

And another thing.  Why is there no cockholding, where the woman pimps out her husband?  This practice seems to be very one sided, aren’t the women as game as the men when it comes to sharing?

Someone enlighten me…