Spit On My Cock And I’ll Dribble In Your Ass

By | December 14, 2009

No, actually please don’t.

I don’t have an issue with women’s saliva as such but having just watched yet another porn scene where spitting seems to punctuate every sexual act, especially fellatio and rimming I can categorically say that I do not want anyone to spit on my cock when they are giving me a BJ.

It’s a form of desperation on the part of the directors I suppose. They can’t think of any way to make a scene more powerful or seem more depraved for the titillation of the audience so they tell everyone to expel as much bodily fluid as possible by spitting and dribbling on each other. The guys do it too of course, gobbing in the gaping ass of the girl they are buggering as if it’s the only lubricating fluid involved …

All this spitting really put me off the last scene I watched which was a pity as it had one of my favourite British female porn stars in it. She’s enthusiastic and noisy and doesn’t need to cover her male counterparts in spit to be a sex, horny girl.

Is it that the directors see the spitting as making the action seem more “nasty” and depraved? IMHO there are far better ways of doing that and I’ve seen it pulled off (no pun intended) far more successfully and subtly in porn. Well as subtle as a porn movie can manage.